Generous Software Provided by Petroleum Experts (Petex) Enables Structural Geology Research and Teaching

Dec. 10, 2022


The MOVE suite ( is an industry-leading set of software tools used by professional and academic structural geologists to create integrated interpretations of geologically complex regions in order to gain insight into tectonic processes, regional geologic evolution, petroleum systems, basin formation, and other related fields. The Geosciences Department at the University of Arizona has a long tradition of utilizing the MOVE suite and continues to find new and interesting ways to the software in their research.  Several faculty also use the software in their courses, providing graduate and undergraduate students with experience using these valuable tools and approaches.  We thank Petex for providing this resource, which has a value equivalent to £2,764,444.18, so that we can continue to use these tools to advance research in structural geology and tectonics and provide training with the best available tools to the next generation of geoscientists.

Several of our faculty utilize MOVE in their research and teaching. Dr. Amanda Hughes uses MOVE for her Energy Geosciences course (GEOS421/521), Modeling of Geologic Structures course (co-taught with Dr. Steve Lingrey) (GEOS 496/596) and Structural Geology (GEOS 304) and for research projects related to structural geology and active tectonics. Dr. Peter DeCelles employs MOVE in routine restoration of regional balanced cross-sections in the Nepalese and NE Indian Himalayan thrust belt. Dr. Paul Kapp incorporates using MOVE and MOVE Clino in Regional Structural Geology field class (GEOS 423/523). Dr. George Davis utilizes MOVE in his research on the Rincon metamorphic core complex. Graduate students working with these professors and others in the department are using the MOVE suite to construct balanced cross sections and 3D structural models in various tectonic settings, including in the Argentinian and Bolivian Andes, China, Greece, New Zealand, and throughout the western United States. 

Our Department greatly appreciates Petroleum Experts’ provision of this software tool. In combination with the development of our newly renovated collaborative learning center, the Arizona Computational Geosciences Center, it will be heavily used by undergraduate and graduate students in classes and semester long projects.