Dr. Ananya Mallik to Join the Department of Geosciences

April 10, 2020



The Department of Geosciences is excited to welcome Dr. Ananya Mallik as The RealReal, Inc. Endowed Chair in Gem Science beginning in Fall 2020. Ananya will be joining the University of Arizona as an Assistant Professor from the University of Rhode Island, where she is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geosciences. She received her PhD from Rice University where she studied the effects of crust-mantle hybridization on melting in the Earth’s shallow upper mantle. As an experimental petrologist, Ananya’s current research focuses on the interactions between the surficial and deep reservoirs of the Earth and planetary bodies, and how such interactions shape the chemistry and dynamics of these reservoirs with time. 

As The RealReal, Inc. Endowed Chair in Gem Science, Ananya will spearhead the development of a new academic emphasis area in gem sciences, and develop the Department of Geoscience as a leading Petrology program.