Priscilla Martinez

I am working alongside Dr. Barbara Carrapa to reconstruct the Miocene continental climate record in the Central Andes using both geological and geochemical records of climate variability. I integrate sedimentology, basin analysis, geochronology, and thermochronology to investigate the link between major climatic-biotic events and Andean volcanism and mountain building during the Late Miocene. I am also interested in the many applications of sedimentary petrology and tephrochronology.

I am also committed to advocating for equity, accessibility, and justice to be at the center of geoscience research, discourse, and policy through an intersectional approach. In my downtime, I enjoy reading poetry, running, and cooking Salvadoran food with friends and family.




B.S. Geology, CSU Fullerton (2020); M.S. Geology, CSU Northridge (2022)