Alec Martin

My PhD work centers on collaborating with mining companies to constrain geologic controls on trace metal(loid) and chalcogen deportment (primarily in hypogene Cu-(Fe) sulfides) of porphyry Cu-(Mo) deposits in the Laramide province of the southwestern USA, paired with global comparisons for other porphyry systems and its implications for exploration, geometallurgy, hydrometallurgy, and by-product critical element supplies.

I also have research interests in Western Interior Seaway remnants in southeastern Arizona (via research done with Resolution Copper Company), igneous titanite trace element geochemistry, a geologic/geoarchaeologic model for the Khazad-dûm Fe-Au(-Ti) deposit, and the connection between the philosophy of history and geologic practice.

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B.S., Brigham Young University (2020); M.S., University of Arizona (2022)