In Memoriam: Everett Harold Lindsay

July 16, 2022

 Dr. Everett H. Lindsay was known as “Ev” to colleagues and “The Doc” to his graduate students. He was born in La Junta, CO, on July 2, 1931. He passed away in Tucson on June 25, 2022. Ev is survived by his three sons, David, Kurt, and Ladd.

Ev was a faculty member in the Department of Geosciences for 30 years, from 1967 to 1997, excelling at the nexus of vertebrate paleontology and magnetostratigraphy. He earned a BA degree at Chico State (CA) in 1953 and followed this with military service from 1953-1955. Ev then earned a MA degree at Chico State in 1957, and a MSt degree at Cornell University in 1962. He arrived at UA immediately following earning a PhD at Berkeley.

Tributes linked to this site underscore Ev’s contributions to science and teaching in his active geo-years, though Ev never really retired. He continued to write papers, review manuscripts, and initiate new research projects well after 1997. For fun he loved to sail, purchasing a sailboat in the 1990s and mooring it in San Carlos, Mexico. He and his friends frequently chartered sailboats and cruised through the Gulf of California. Keenly interested in travel, he enjoyed twenty-six Road Scholars adventures during his retirement years. He also had an interest in astronomy, and after his retirement he was a docent at Kitt Peak, and he also led many tours at the Mirror Lab. Ev Lindsay never retired from engagement.

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