Tshering Zangmu Lama Sherpa

My research broadly focuses on understanding the tectonics of collisional orogenic systems like the Himalaya. Currently I am working with Dr. Peter DeCelles to investigate the magnitude and timescale of deformation in the Himalayan thrust belt of eastern Nepal. To do so, I combine field mapping, regional structural geology, accessory mineral geochronology (U-Pb in zircon), petrochronology (Th-Pb and TREE in monazite), thermochronology (Apatite and zircon [U-Th-Sm]/He, Apatite fission track) and thermal history modeling (HeFTy, QTQt).

I am passionate about outreach and service activities and strongly believe in creating an inclusive space in geosciences and STEM in general.

Outside of work, I like to run, hike, trek, camp, try/cook different cuisines and read (non-geology!) books.



Peter DeCelles