Chance Ronemus

I’m a Ph.D. student investigating the tectonic evolution of the Andes in Argentina and Chile as part of the TANGO project (check it out here). I work with Peter DeCelles and Barbara Carrapa—global experts in sedimentology, tectonics, and thermochronology. I started my Ph.D. journey at the UofA in the fall of 2021 after completing my M.Sc. at Montana State University under Devon Orme.

I’m interested in reconstructing tectonic processes using the isotopic and sedimentologic record. Some fundamental questions that motivate my research include: what controls the magnitude and distribution of crustal thickening in convergent systems? What controls the “tempo” and characteristics of magmatism and crustal deformation therein? How do tectonics and climate interact to create—and destroy—topography?

To answer these questions, I use a variety of techniques including field mapping, sedimentary basin analysis, U-Pb geochronology, fission track and [U-Th(-Sm)]/He thermochronology, and stable isotope paleoaltimetry. Currently, I’m working near the latitude of Aconcagua—the highest mountain on Earth, outside of Asia. You can keep up with my research on my Google Scholar page below.


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B.S., Montana State University (2019); M.S., Montana State University (2021)