UArizona Geosciences to Welcome Professor Paul Asimow and Dr. Paula Antoshechkin of Caltech Geology and Planetary Sciences for alphaMELTS Workshop and Colloquium

Sept. 12, 2023

As we continue to expand the breadth and quality of work here in the Geosciences department, we are excited that Dr. Antoshechkin and Professor Asimow can join us!. Dr. Antoshechkin and Professor Asimow are well known in the field of magmatic processes as well as other research areas within Geology and Geochemistry. The workshop on thermodynamic coding called alphaMELTS will be offered in person by Professor Asimow and online by Dr. Antoshechkin from September 12th-13th. To learn more about the alphaMELTS workshop, our colleagues in the world of geosciences, click HERE