Alpine Permafrost could Melt Faster than Arctic Permafrost under Current CO2 Levels: Research co-authored by University of Arizona Geoscientist Dean Carmala Garzione and Lin Li, appears in the March 14th Volume of Journal, Nature Communications.

March 29, 2022

Fig Caption: This new study reveals that around 60% of alpine permafrost could thaw under current CO2 levels, compared to 20% of permafrost near the arctic. This estimate also highlights ~25% of permafrost carbon and the permafrost-climate feedback could originate in alpine areas.

University of Arizona Geoscientists (Dean Carmala Garzione and Researchers Lin Lin) co-authored this new study that appears in the Journal Nature Communications with the title "Alpine permafrost could account for a quarter of thawed carbon based on Plio-Pleistocene paleoclimate analogue".

You can read more about this new study in this article where you can also listen to Dr Garzione's interview with Nicholas Gerbis (KJZZ).