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Geosciences Field Trip Photos

Structural Geology (Geos 304)
George Davis
Tanque Verde Falls, Spring 2019

Introduction to Geophysics (Geos 322)
Eric Kiser
Seismology lab, UA Campus, Spring 2019

Structural Geology (Geos 304)
George Davis
Final Mapping Excursion and End-of-Year Celebration, Spring 2018

Historical Geology (Geos 255)
Jessica Kapp
Grand Canyon, Spring 2018

Ocean Sciences (Geos 412)
Andy Cohen
Southern California coast, Spring 2018

Earthquakes and Volcanic Systems: Processes and Hazards (Geos 436/536)
Eric Kiser
Joshua Tree National Park, Fall 2017

Physical Geology (Geos 251)
George Gehrels
Windy Point, Catalina Mountains, Fall 2017

Structural Geology (Geos 304)
Paul Kapp
Mt. Lemmon, Fall 2017

Structural Geology (Geos 304)
Paul Kapp
Tanque Verde Wash, Fall 2017

Paleontology (Geos 308)
Nan Schmidt
Paul Spur Arizona, Fall 2017

National Parks: A Window Through Earth's Geological Processes (Honors) (Geos 240)
Barbara Carrapa
Northern Arizona, Fall 2017

Introduction to Geophysics
Eric Kaiser
Tucson, Fall 2017