Business Office Contact: Heather Alvarez, 520-621-4959,

Prior to business travel:

General Policies & Procedures

Foreign Travel

Foreign travel first requires registration with the University Global Travel Registry Office (also known as Terradotta). UA global travel will conduct a risk analysis and seek approval from Dr. Russell. When completing your registration check the box that says you have completed a travel authorization. Once the registration in Terradotta is complete, please send your travel authorization form to Heather Alvarez and include your registration ID number. She will process your travel authorization through Adobe Sign. Please try and allow a minimum of 30 days to begin this registration process per the request of UA Global.


Domestic Out-Of-State 

Please email your travel authorization form to Heather Alvarez, Travel authorizations must be submitted prior to all University related travel.


In-State Travel

Please email your travel authorization form to Heather Alvarez. Travel authorizations must be submitted prior to all University related travel.


Motor Pool Requests

Please see below for information regarding motor pool requests.


Upon completion of business travel:

Once travel is approved and completed travelers are to send receipts and a travel expense report to Heather Alvarez. Please review FSO policies 14.13 (meals/incidentals), 14.14 (lodging) and 14.15 (transportation) for additional information.

NOTE: travel reimbursement requests submitted within 90 days will be considered qualified and nontaxable under the accountable plan. Reimbursement requests submitted after the 90th day will generally be non-qualified, and taxable to the payee. Non-qualified reimbursements are processed through payroll to collect the appropriate taxes and remitted to the IRS. If an advance was received, the employee must return to the employer any amount in excess of the expenses substantiated within 10 days after the trip ends. (FSM14.12)


Motor Pool Requests:

Motor pool requests made using UA funds (grant, lab, course fees, etc) should be submitted through the Geosciences Business Office. Please do not submit directly to UA motor pool unless you are using external funds and will be paying for motor pool rentals directly. To submit a request, please send a motor pool request form along with a travel authorization form to Heather Alvarez. See the motor pool estimation form to assist in calculating estimated costs. Reservations must be made with ample time as motor pool vehicles are limited.

NOTE: To avoid being charged, all motor pool cancellations must be made 24 hours prior. 

Motor Pool Driver Registration Link: Driver Registration | Risk Management (

Travel Authorization Form

Geosciences Travel Authorization Form

Travel Expense Report

Geosciences Travel Expense Report

Motor Pool Request Form